WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With June gloom in full force, weather during the summer can be a little unpredictable. This Fashionista’s look is perfect for chilly but sunny Berkeley days! When you’re running out and about with your friends for whatever adventure you had planned that weekend, this outfit not only allows you comfort but style, too. With the recent upward swing in women in menswear, this Fashionista takes simple menswear-inspired pieces and owns the look with some light but distinguished feminine touches. It’s a classic look. I think as summer arrives, everyone tends to shy away from darker palettes, convincing themselves that we need to be wearing floral print and neon all the time. Dark colors and work boots are always at the top of my fashion trend list, typically for fall, but this Fashionista shows you how to do it right, no matter the season.

These sturdy work boots are fashionable and functional, and they allow you to run around quickly and comfortably! A basic white tank top is a staple for every Fashionista’s closet, as it allows you versatility for all of your favorite outfits. Invest in pieces you’ll wear the most because you’ll get more bang for your buck in regards to quality, and you won’t ever regret that couple of extra dollars! Army green skinny jeans are in a beautiful balance with a cute and understated flower crown. Layer on your favorite necklaces to highlight the scoop neckline of this top! A great dark lip color isn’t overwhelming, and it ties the whole look together. This Fashionista is so ready for a rad day, no matter what it holds!

One Simple Change: Out for a night with the girls? Swap out those boots for your favorite stilettos, and swipe on some eyeliner for a perfect transition from day to night!