WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is a time for a little bit of everything. Whether it’s running around doing errands, relaxing, partying or just hanging out, a Fashionista must dress for some action packed days. Comfortable and stylish are the key adjectives here. This Fashionista has a case of the Fridays, and she’s doing it right with a playful crop top, which is perfect for the May weather that is (finally) heating up! This easy to move in piece is perfect for the girl on the go, running around getting those pesky little errands done while looking like the coolest girl about town.

She pairs this adorable top with a fun, little zipper detail with some uber trendy, high-waisted joggers! Also adorned with zippers, the little metal details really pull together the look. These pants go up high enough as to not show too much midriff, but just enough to really bring out the interesting proportions and lengths of a cropped shirt with high-waisted pants. This easy-breezy look is perfect for running around town while staying cool and appropriate, but also being comfy enough to just lounge around. Nothing says lazy Saturday like a simple, two piece outfit that is baggy in all the right places. However, this outfit can easily be dragged away from Netflix and to the party! This fun, trendy combo is perfect for the socialite on-the-go who likes to look cool and put-together no matter where she is! Important note: her joggers are made of a polyester material, not cotton. This dresses up the casual pants so that they are an appropriate addition to an outfit that is somewhere in between dressy and casual.

This Fashionista has adorned her couch-to-errands-to-party outfit with a simple, silver necklace, which falls perfectly in the zipper neckline of her top! Again, this little silver detail really ties into the silver zippers on her clothing, making this no-brainer outfit look very put-together. Continuing down with the silver detail, the outfit is completed by some silver and black gladiator sandals. You cannot go wrong with KORS Michael Kors anything, in my opinion. She maintains the easy to move in look that is equally appropriate for a night out with a girls with a simple, flat shoe. I cannot emphasize enough how much I adore the silver detailing throughout the outfit—it really pulls the look together!

One Simple Change: Got a concert to go to? Easy! Just switch out those polyester joggers for some sexy, high-waisted denim shorts! This way, you can stay cool in that steamy venue, and you’ll have pockets for your cell, keys and money! Not to mention you’ll fit right in with this festival-born trend of high-waisted denim.