WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As I photographer, I have to say that some of the best moments for me are when an image composes itself in front of my eyes. The colors, the shapes and a happened-upon angle can be all it takes for an impromptu photoshoot. And there is always something extra special about having a Fashionista by your side whose look fits into the scene like a glove.

Such was the case on this past weekend’s day trip to the coastal town of North Berwick, Scotland. As my friends and I wandered down the main street of the town and out onto the rocky coast, exploring new cafes and old ruins along the way, I found myself wishing I had packed lighter and dressed smarter.

My Fashionista friend (who frequents British beaches) knew better than me. She paired a simple fitted denim overall dress with black tights. This versatile combination works perfectly for a day of exploring because it’s not too casual for shopping and dining at a nice restaurant, and not too fancy for chips on the beach and ziplining with children on a playground (yes, we did all that). But perhaps the most beautiful and important part of this outfit is the pair of silver patent Mary Janes that give the otherwise classic pairing such a fresh pop. The ultimate fusion of comfort and style, these fluorescent and chunky flats seem to go surprisingly well with almost anything. They are sturdy enough to venture off the beaten path, supportive enough to wear day in and day out, stylish enough to be the statement piece of any outfit, classic enough to outlast trends and optimistic enough to reflect the rare Scottish sun should it choose to appear. They’re just all around enough.

If there’s anything you should take away from this outfit, it’s this: sometimes simplicity is the best statement. On a weekend of exploring, go for classic and comfortable pieces that won’t limit what you are able to do. (For example, we weren’t planning on climbing into an abandoned church building and up stone stairs covered in detritus, but we did. No problemo.) Wherever you go, though, don’t forget to add a little something to complete your look. When possible, make it metallic.

Oh, and if it’s a windy day, don’t try to be an impractical diva. Put that hair in a bun.

One Simple Change: If you want to keep the cool denim vibe for class and get even more flexibility in a single outfit, trade in the light dress for a pair of dark wash dungarees. (Now you can do flips without flashing anyone). Throw on some jewelry at the end of the day, take your hair down and all of the sudden you’re the coolest cat, in the room.