WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ah, the weekend! It’s that time of the quarter again where final projects that were assigned at the beginning of the quarter are seeing their due date and you’re counting down the days to when you can just sit in the sun without that lovely backpack reminding you of everything you have left to do. Whether you’ve been running from class to class or from class to work, at the end of the week you’re ready to crawl in bed and make up for all those late nights you pulled throughout the week that resulted in almost zero sleep.

For me, the weekends are my time to rest up and reboot myself for the coming week. I find that taking time to breathe apart from the books and the due dates makes accomplishing my to do list that much easier. Whether it’s having a Netflix day, going on a weekend trip or grabbing coffee with friends it’s important to take a break and do something for you. And what better way to do it than in a comfortable outfit that can easily transition to whatever surprise your day may bring.

This Fashionista does exactly that, making it look effortless, as she pairs a Silence + Noise dress with Lululemon yoga pants and Hunter boots. She has found the perfect balance of comfort, style and simplicity. The weekends aren’t meant to cause any stress, so why should your outfit? Keeping it simple makes getting through the day look effortless, no matter what you have planned.

One Simple Change: Trying to go from day to night super easily and quickly? Add some eye liner and lip color, slip out of those yoga pants and change out the boots for simple black heeled booties. You’ll look just as effortless but with a kick.