WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

November is finally here and fall season is in full effect! With the leaves changing and the weather slowly transitioning, so is our wardrobe.

However if you live in California like I do, your wardrobe might not go through such a drastic change this season. Although we get a light gust of wind every once in a while, the weather is constantly changing throughout the day! This makes it that much harder for some of us to pick an outfit whenever we go out.

This Fashionista shows us the perfect way to dress up for a weekend this season. Giving us a ’90s girl vibe, she shows off some skin in her off-the-shoulder top. This type of top has been trending for a while now and it is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect piece to add a little spice to your wardrobe, without taking it too far. Although it does require showing some skin, this piece can still be appropriate for going out with friends or even for a special occasion. She pairs the top with a black, button-down skirt and some lace-up sandals! Lace-up sandals have also been a huge trend this year. We find lace everywhere in fashion. They are on lace-up sandals, lace-up tops, and lace-up bralettes. They are a huge hit this season because they add the best design to a simple piece.

This outfit is perfect for going out on the weekend! The semi-long sleeve top can keep you warm during cold mornings, but the skirt will keep you cool when the sun rises in the afternoon! Simple and chic!