WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

May 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

With finals wrapping up and summer on the way, our wardrobes face new and exciting opportunities such as beaching, brunching and exploring—just to name a few. These events are not only dependent on the perfect weather, but also the perfect wardrobe. This brings us to this week’s Fashionista, whose outfit embodies the definition of weekend wear. With inspiration like this, you are set for a summer of nonstop adventure.

As has been established, the weekends are for exploring. After a long, structured week all we want is a day of unstructured fun. Certainly this is not the easiest occasion to dress for. When you start to doubt your closet, go back to the basics like this Fashionista so the next time you and your friends are on a spontaneous outing you have a go-to OOTD.

Now, how can your basics avoid getting lost in the crowd? Easy. When you shop be sure to follow this Fashionista and buy basics that are not “basic.” Sounds complicated, I know. It’s really as simple as this: when you are looking for a white T-shirt, try one on with a frilled bottom like this Fashionista’s that you would not usually seek out. Or if you are trying to find the perfect black jean try on a distressed pair or go for a vintage look. These details take you from basic to chic.

Since the weekends are all about spontaneity, your accessories become your make or break. Bags are especially crucial. Go for a classic tote bag like this Fashionista. It gives you optimal storage space and is the easiest to carry. To top the look off never leave, the house (especially over the summer) without a pair of sunglasses.

One Simple Change: Finals got you down? Sub the ripped black jean for a pair of leggings in your dorm room, sub the sandals out for flats and crash in the library until you know your stuff.