WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summer is a season with endless activities that allow you to show off your style. Adding in the fact that it’s the weekend simply makes getting dressed in the morning that much more fun. This Fashionista is ready for any event that arises and you can tell that she is ready for the weekend. She chose to wear a black maxi skirt, one of my favorite must-haves for any season. You can pair a black skirt with almost any top; she decided to go with a vintage favorite, a Beatles tank top. The graphic top really adds a chill  aspect to the look. Channeling her inner rocker, this ’60s tank top shows of this Fashionista’s personality. The splash of color against the black really makes this outfit pop. I really like the brown suede wedges because they pull the outfit together. The hat is very jazzy and adds a very keen sense of style to the outfit.

Summer is usually a time for bold colors and crazy patterns, but this toned down look does the trick. Actually, so far this summer, I am seeing a lot of black and I think it’s safe to assume that there will be a lot more as we move throughout the season.

One Simple Change: You can take this look from a day out with the girls to a date night with the perfect guy by adding a solid color knit blouse. You can also make the look more mature by changing the wedge shoes to a pair of pumps or stilettos.