WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend a fashion show hosted by my university. When I first arrived, I was starstruck by some of the models’ outfits. I actually thought all of them were already ready for the show, but they were only practicing. All of them were spot-on with the latest fashion trends. However, one of them grabbed my attention, given she had perfectly matched two of my personal favorite trends: high-waisted pants and crop tops!

Picking the perfect outfit for the weekend is no easy task; this is especially true for a girl that is always on the run. Model and student during the day, friend during the night. Yet, this Fashionista seems to have no struggle when picking the best look for her body and her day. She did a great job in choosing an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish.

First, the high-waisted jeans contoured her body. This piece helps elongate your legs and it is a must-have in every women’s closet. The crop top that matched with the pants accentuated her curves. To add a girly touch, she matched the overall outfit with a pair of high-heeled sandals. Even though all these pieces are very simple, when put together they create a unique and versatile look. This outfit can be used for many occasions, such as going to school, spending the day with your friends or even on a date.

One Simple Change: Looking for something you can wear at night, as well? Change into a darker pair of denim, add a big necklace and you will be ready to go.