WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

When it comes to college, weeks tend to drag on. Every college student on campus most likely counts down to each and every weekend in order to sleep in and relax. However, the question is, when the weekend finally comes, what are you going to wear? The most important thing is to dress comfortably on the weekends. If you are going to be walking around town, participating in campus events or even just lounging with a group of friends, you’ll always want to be wearing something that you can move around freely in.

In the spring, one of the most comfortable articles of clothing to wear is a romper. Not only are they super easy to slip on when you’re in a rush, but they also look adorable for any event! I spotted this Fashionista walking through campus in her stylish tribal print romper. The beige and blue colors in it are subtle but create a perfect combination. She layers this romper with a long, sleeveless cardigan. This cardigan may not be used for warmth, but it definitely brings a unique and personal look to her ensemble. The lace on it brings a nice detail to the otherwise plain cardigan.

When you’re walking around campus and checking out all of the activities going on, you’re going to want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes! This Fashionista chose to put on a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, which is a good choice with any outfit. They are comfortable enough to be on your feet all day, and they look great as well. To accessorize, she had on a gold statement necklace with a matching gold bracelet.

Another great accessory this Fashionista is wearing is her brown cross-body bag. This bag is small enough to carry around all day, yet it still will fit all the necessary items girls carry around every day.

One Simple Change: If you’re planning on having a date night, you can simply switch to a pair of wedges. Also, ditch the cardigan and throw on a jean jacket in case it gets chilly outside. Leave on all the accessories (and, of course, the romper), and you’re all ready!