WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Spring weekends on campus are filled with spontaneity. Whether it’s pick-up games of Frisbee or impromptu drives to the beach, the warming weather envelops campus in a restless sense of adventure. I love coming down to the quad and seeing my friends lounging around on the lawn studying or chatting, and how willing people become to take a stroll to go get food and coffee on Easton Avenue. With all of this happening without warning, it’s important to make sure you’re dressed the part to take part in all kinds of various activities.

I spotted this Fashionisto hanging around the quad in the perfect spring weekend gear. He adopts a casual T-shirt and shorts combination, but classes it up with his choice of fabrics and cuts. Rather than a plain cotton T-shirt and some basketball shorts, he chooses to wear a polo and some chino shorts. The outfit is still comfortable and casual enough to run around in, but is also nice enough that he doesn’t have to worry about changing before heading to dinner or another engagement. His lightweight quilted jacket is just warm enough to ward off the wind and the cooler evening weather without being cumbersome. This Fashionisto keeps a neutral, consistent color palette which is appropriate for a variety of settings and activities, and the darker colors are easy to keep clean. As for a couple of cool variations, try this outfit with a button-down and a cardigan or some nice black denim cut-offs.

One Simple Change: Swap out the shorts for some slacks, and you’re ready to go out for date night.