WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It can get overwhelming when living in an urban city where everything seems to be moving a mile a minute. On the weekends it’s nice to take a little trip away, even if that means simply traveling to Brooklyn. I spotted this Fashionista spending a relaxing day thrifting and had to get the details on her weekend wear look!

She began the look with a light blue denim button up. To give it a more laid back look, she only buttoned two buttons and tied the rest of the shirt at the end. She paired the blouse with classic black skinny jeans. Comfort is key for the weekend, especially when the day is spent shopping!

Feeling a bit on the preppier side this day, the Fashionista added a forest green blazer to her outfit. By rolling the sleeves, she managed to make the blazer a cohesive piece of the casual ensemble. The green of the blazer paired effortlessly with the blue shirt and black jeans. On her feet, the Fashionista wore tan platform oxfords. It’s always a plus when you can get that extra height from shoes that are actually comfortable.

The most important accessory that she carried around was her oversized tote. Yes, it’s a cute piece that completed her look, but it also was very practical. There’s no need for all the paper or plastic bags that stores give for even the smallest of purchases. She could just throw anything that she bought throughout the day into her tote. How sustainable! When thinking of the perfect casual weekend wear, her whole look was a formula for success!

One Simple Change: Have a job interview to attend while you’re out? Swap out the Eastland oxfords for a pair of suede heels, and you’re sure to leave a lasting first impression!