WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It officially feels like spring weather! It’s time to explore the city you neglected during winter with your friends. Finally, you can be more adventurous with your clothes since shorts and sneakers have become weather-appropriate again. The light breezes of Boston spring also guarantees the need for a light jacket, which adds even more layering options. So, what’s the best way to look cool and collected this spring?

This Fashionista rocks her all-black spring ensemble. When wearing all one color, especially black, it can be easy to look overwhelming or gloomy in such nice weather. Yet, she nailed the rock ‘n’ roll look by pairing simple and light pieces together. What stood out to me were her high-waisted black leather shorts. The material is striking with the rest of her outfit and the cut complements her legs, preventing the leather from looking too heavy. She paired the shorts with a cropped black T-shirt that looks soft in contrast to the black leather. To keep warm in the chilly breeze, she wore a stylish black jacket with silver detailing on the zipper.

She perfectly accessorized for spending an active weekend in the city. Her shoes were black Nike sneakers that add a sporty edge and are ideal for walking around on the weekend. She also wore a mini black leather backpack to carry her things. It’s hands free and minimal design makes it extra handy for a day out.

One Simple Change: Want to upgrade the look a bit for a date night? Swap the Nike sneakers for some edgy black heels. Combined with the high-waisted leather shorts, the heels will make your legs look sky high and instantly elevate the look for a special night out.