WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

April 20th, 2015 at 2:10am

I am undoubtedly one of those people who constantly wear their workout clothes all day every day. During the weekends, it is the time for Fashionistas/os to shine because they don’t have to worry about their annoying eight o’clock classes. At the end of the week, you want to explore and try new things with your closet with old and new clothes to kick start your few days of freedom from class. We want to be able to wear something that can be both comfortable and airy just in case we decide to stop on campus for a baseball game or go shopping at the outlet mall with the girls.

The Fashionista this week has found a great balance between being comfy and dressed for the weekend. We cannot ignore her bold flannel shirt. When I asked, our Fashionista explained how this was one of her favorite and most comfortable shirts that could be worn with nearly anything. I totally agree! Luckily with flannel, we can dress it up or down for different occasions and seasons. We can pair the top with ripped denim shorts, a classy skirt or dress. She wore her favorite jeans that she can cuff in order to show off her amazing oxfords. This particular style of footwear is great and can be worn with denim pants and a T-shirt or with a cute spring dress. They really give a classic and retro vibe to the outfit, which just reaffirms how much I love the combination of modern and bright patterns with vintage style clothes.

One Simple Change: This summer, I would pair the flannel with a pair of high-waisted festival shorts that you could tuck your top into. That way you can wear this look to go watch a campus baseball game or go shopping outside without getting too warm.