WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

So it’s Saturday, and you’re done with classes for the week and want to enjoy the nice weather with some friends. On the weekends, you usually want to stay more relaxed because you’re enjoying a casual beach day or volleyball game outside. It is important to dress for the occasion. You don’t want to be the girl who is constantly in Nike shorts and a T-shirt. This Fashionista is far from that.

In Wilmington, the dress code is pretty casual and people are usually dressed in a comfortable, easy going style. The weekend is ideal for this Fashionista’s denim shorts since the week days can restrict you from wearing your favorite ones due to the building being so cold for class. This is a way to show off those tan legs and let your skin enjoy some Vitamin D. Her shorts are paired perfectly with this jersey style three-quarter sleeve shirt.  The logo on the front says “home” with the combination of light gray in the middle and dark gray on the sleeves. It is a simple T-shirt but still cute for a warm Saturday outside.

This Fashionista decides to pair her jean shorts and T-shirt with white Converse. These sneakers have been popping up everywhere and are a great switch up from the usual flip flops in the springtime. These Converse add an old school touch to her casual ensemble and really tie the whole weekend look together. Finally, she throws on her Ray-Ban Aviator shades with a blue bandanna used as a headband. I think the headband really stands out and brings the right touch of color to her look. It is a unique style and is also great for tying your hair back.

Follow the lead of this trendsetting Fashionista, and you will soon perfect the weekend look.

One Simple Change: This casual spring day watching volleyball turns a little chilly outside. No worries—throw on a causal jacket and you are able to still enjoy the game and keep warm.