WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

So if you’re like me, you’ve already pulled out all your colorful, pretty-patterned, spring clothing, even if the weather isn’t so spring-like. However, just because the weather isn’t superb, this should not stop you from rocking some spring trends!

The weekend is the perfect time to experiment and try something new. My favorite way to experiment is through layering, which is especially great for when it’s a little colder out. I like to spend my weekends in the city where the weather is always changing. In the morning it’s chilly, in the afternoon it’s hot and then the evening is cold again. How does one keep up? Oh right, layering!

This Fashionista is an excellent example of some weekend wear that also works well with this always changing spring weather. She is layering it up with a flowy gray tank top and black bralette under a light olive jacket. She is super prepared for whatever this Saturday brings, as she can just take off her jacket and hang it on her bag when the sun is at its highest point. She paired the top half with some groovy patterned harem pants that excellently tie in her bralette. To add some color she went with a bold fuchsia lip. Adding a dark and daring lip color, even in the spring and summer, is super fashion-forward and always gives your outfit that extra touch.

To top it off, and to keep the sun out, she added a brown felt hat and some brown booties with fringe detail. This Fashionista is ready to go in this layered boho-chic look. It’s spring appropriate but will totally keep her warm when shes strolling through the city this weekend.

One Simple Change: Want to try this look when it’s even warmer this spring? Swap the booties for a strappy sandal. Still want to keep the fringe to maintain the boho look? Add a fringe satchel!