WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ohio is the most fickle of states when it comes to weather. Some people say that you get all four seasons in one day here, which I can’t argue with. It’ll snow in the morning, be 50 degrees in the afternoon and then thunderstorm in the evening. That makes getting dressed in the morning difficult. Should you wear a coat? You might sweat to death. But you might freeze without it. You can’t wear suede shoes because you never know if it’ll rain or not; weather apps are almost always wrong and can never be trusted.

Transitioning from one season to the next isn’t the easiest thing to do, but once you get it down, it’s a piece of cake. This Fashionisto is wearing the perfect transition outfit. With weekend wear, tough, comfy and cute need to be perfectly balanced just in case you see a super cute someone while grabbing coffee at Starbucks. Layering is the best way to master the transition and the weekend look, plus a good pair of pants is absolutely necessary. This Fashionisto layered a simple button-down with a sweater. The marsala colored sweater was perfect with his brown pants, bringing a little color to the outfit. This time of year is perfect to start playing with color again after the typical winter uniform of black and all things dark.

Layering is the perfect way to start a transition look. Start with an easy shirt and then start adding. A jacket or sweater, or both, are good layering pieces to add on top of the shirt. As summer gets closer layering is made even better with pattern. Mixing patterns are a fun, easy way to make an outfit really interesting. Try a floral print top with a striped jacket then add a statement necklace to finish off the look.

One Simple Change: Don’t be afraid of pattern! Adding some pattern to a layered look will make it perfect for the summertime.