WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ahhh, I sighed as I stepped into the mild, New York air earlier this week. Spring is slowly making its way into the streets of New York City and there’s been an obvious pep to most New Yorkers’ steps these past two weeks. If you’re anything like me, you find seasonal transitions difficult in terms of outfit ensembles. On some days, I’ll find myself severely underestimating the newfound warmth and I’ll throw on a dress when it’s really only 40 degrees outside. Other days, I’ll wrap myself in a cashmere sweater when the weather only calls for a light jacket.

Early spring is an experimentation of light and dark colors. The transition into warmer weather is all about finding ways to gradually incorporate more whites, pastels and light blues into your outfits as the season progresses. I caught up with this Fordham Fashionista as she was making her way into Manhattan to see how she is fairing in these early spring days.

Firstly, I adore her jewelry. Delicate jewelry is essential for spring and summer. Leave the chunky, statement necklaces behind unless the occasion calls for a dressier look. Spring fashion is meant to be simple and focused more on the ingenious combination of pieces rather than on layers of chunky fabrics. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but also recognize that less is more; a simple button-down and jeans could be all you need to create a noteworthy look.

My second most favorite piece in this look is her leggings. Not only does the stitching on the side of the pant make her appear taller by elongating the leg, but the leggings also offer an extraordinarily practical purpose for a weekend in the city. Who wants to sit on the subway or walk at least 20 blocks in a dress? Furthermore, the leggings are perfect for the late afternoon when the weather will still slip below freezing.

One Simple Change: If you suspect that you might extend your weekend trip into the night, pack an extra pair of flats (I’ve had my eye on these J.Crew flats for a while now) into your purse or tote. Ditch the sweater and apply a bold lip color to create an even more mature, night-friendly look.