WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

So you’ve been waiting the entire week for the weekend, and now it’s finally here! Anything and everything can happen. You can turn off the alarm to sleep in or hang out with friends; the possibilities are endless.

You don’t have to think about homework (well, until dreaded Sunday comes along). So let’s not think about it just yet. The weather has finally decided to stay warm (well in New Mexico, at least). Finally, you don’t have to guess on what to wear, and you can stop hauling that heavy jacket all over campus. The nice weather weekend allows you to have time to go on hikes, a quick road trip or rest from all the nights you stayed up cramming. Not sure what to wear? No worries! Follow in this Fashionisto’s steps for a weekend look.

This Fashionisto rocks the casual “anything could happen on the weekend” look. This is where we get into my obsession. I love Hawaiian print shirts. I can’t get enough of them! He sports his salmon Hawaiian shirt constructed with the material inside out—check out the bright folded sleeves. He pairs his brown leather tennis shoes with gray jeans that will protect him from the sun and keep him warm into the late night. He tops it off with his accessories: a hat to protect him from the sun and a jet-black watch.

Anything could happen on nice weather weekend, so try experimenting.

One Simple Change: Found out that one of your favorite bands is playing a surprise show tonight, and you have to go? Ditch the cap, and grab a light windbreaker. It will keep you warm, and its light material will be easy to carry around.