WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Just when we thought spring had finally arrived, Mother Nature has fooled us again. New York has actually gotten snow within the past week, and I, for one, want no part of it. It’s beginning to seem as though the awkward winter-spring transition is going to last longer than it needs to, so brace yourselves Fashionistas/os. This period of time means dressing in your winter best for class in the morning and breaking out the short sleeves by mid-afternoon. It can be such a tough time to navigate in style, which is why I was so impressed by this Fashionisto’s look.

First off, I’m just going to get it out there that though this is the first time I’ve written about a Fashionisto, Fordham fellas are killin’ it on the fashion game. There is so much variety in personal style on display that just adds to the overall fashion-forwardness of the people on campus. This Fashionisto, in particular, was completely owning an outfit suitable for any weekend occasion. Whether it be a lunch date with friends or heading into the city for the day, this outfit is perfection.

Proving preppy isn’t just for the Ivy League, this Fashionisto paired a checkered white and blue button-up shirt with a pair of gray-colored khaki pants. The lightweight, navy canvas jacket complemented the look with ease, giving him an extra layer of warmth in case Mother Nature decided to throw another curveball at us. To create a great preppy look, it is all about mixing different patterns and pieces that’ll come together, and with that, this Fashionisto was ready to take on the weekend.

To accessorize, this Fashionisto made use of neutrals. He boasted about his bargain-hunting skills, telling me about how he bought his watch on Amazon, “for like, nothing.” Who could tell, right? From his shoes to his Ray-Ban sunglasses, his subdued accessories highlight the button-up as the focal point of the outfit. They don’t outshine the pattern on display, but give it just enough of contrast to make the outfit whole. Don’t forget to notice, of course, the Fordham lanyard hanging from his pocket, not too far out of reach for swinging the next time he feels the slightest bit of boredom. #SoCollege.

One Simple Change: To take this daywear outfit to a nice dinner with parents or a hot date, swap the canvas jacket for a solid sport coat. It’ll completely class up the look, bringing it to a whole new level of English schoolboy meets American prep.