WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

After a full week of classes and being overloaded with tests and projects, the weekend could not get here soon enough. As Fashionistas/os, the weekends are the best opportunity to make big impressions with our style. Since during a full week of classes can put a damper on our fashion for class outfits, the weekends are great for looking our best.

Start your weekend out relaxed and in style with denim and plaid. This Fashionisto shows off his effortless style on the way to a gathering with friends. This look is great for weekend wear because its dressed up enough to go out on the town with friends but without looking like “I tried too hard.” Effortless style is great for college guys who want to make an impression, but who are not into following the main trends for the season.

Plaid is a great way to be fashionable because it almost always is in style. Plaid men’s button-ups can be found at American Eagle Outfitters and even at your local Good Will store. Pair it with a graphic T-shirt and an old pair of jeans, with holes and all. Add a pair of Nike sneaks for an effortless look sure to impress your fashion friends.

Girls looking for an effortless weekend look can imitate this look too. A men’s button-up looks great on Fashionistas as an oversized laid back top. Pair it with ripped denim and converse and look as relaxed as the guys.

One Simple Change: Going out on the town with a cool breeze in the air? Layer your plaid with a hoodie, jean or leather jacket. You can find affordable leather, jean and hoodie men’s jackets at a variety of stores.