WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Alas, after five tumultuous days of classes and extracurriculars comes the much anticipated weekend, and with it, the student’s reprieve from the cacophony of college life. The innate Fashionista’s everlasting question still lingers—how can I successfully execute my style in the most painless and effortless manner? Winter is still being its pestiferous self, and one’s top priority is definitely keeping toasty and comfortable amidst the festive chaos of weekend exploits. This Fashionista meshed weekend comfort and style with her solid chunky pieces. While each element to her outfit appears to be quite commonplace, upon closer inspection, one can see that each component of the ensemble employs a unique spin on an average piece of attire.

This Fashionista was headed off to a rendezvous with friends after a Friday afternoon class, providing her with quite the excuse to gallivant around campus, despite the chilly weather. She is wearing a quilted and cropped white sweater with black, distressed high-waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters. Instead of the typical frayed holes found in ripped jeans, this black pair features two horizontal slashes located at knee level, diverging from the mainstream shredded pant. The sweater is also quite offbeat in that it strays away from the classic cable knit and waffle knit patterns typically utilized for knitwear. The unique design almost resembles honeycomb, with its geometric 3-D shape.

To give the outfit some personal flare, this Fashionista shrugged on a powder blue coat from Zara with the ever-trending navy Longchamp tote. The leather clasp and detailing on this bag transmits a preppy, collegiate vibe that I particularly admire. However, the outfit isn’t truly completed without factoring in the stunning pair of black platform creeper oxfords, giving her a discreet height boost that is polished yet comfortable. The success of this outfit lies in the intricate details within simplistic pieces, emitting a detailed form of minimalism. This is most ideal with weekend ensembles; a snug outfit that’s not overdone, yet demonstrative of every unique part of you. With a solid ensemble like this, bracing the brutal elements seem almost bearable.

One Simple Change: With cause for a more formal engagement, substitute the distressed jeans with a classic skirt and tights combo. Add accessories generously. This will produce a fancier ensemble, while streamlining the attention to detail.