WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With the days getting longer and warmer lately, the transition of winter wear to spring wear is officially underway. The beginning of spring is always exciting on my campus because  students are eager to get dressed and hang out outside after a long, cold winter. But the coolest thing is the spring fashion that makes its way onto campus. Students want to get out, grab a coffee, walk to class and sit in the grass this time of year. The better the weather, the better the attitudes at this school! So when I was grabbing a coffee downtown, I found a great example of a “transition” outfit for spring.

This Fashionisto who I bumped into was wearing an outfit perfect for any casual occasion for the weekend. Grabbing a coffee or walking around downtown in warmer weather is oftentimes the preferred weekend activity in this town, but a simple outfit like this one isn’t typically seen around here. He wears some great staples to his outfit but also accessorizes to add the cool to his look. He starts off with a plain white V-neck and black skinny jeans to create a base look. Then he throws on a denim button-down to layer and add another texture. But it’s his accessories that make his outfit so cool and casual. His Birkenstock sandals, glasses and wristwatch all seem to complement each other in both color and style, creating the clean look.

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto’s outfit may be perfect for grabbing a coffee on a Sunday morning, but needs to be altered for a date that same day. What makes this outfit casual is the sandals, so if you change the shoes, you’re good to go. Instead of sandals or sneakers, try a pair of dress shoes to create a cleaner look.