WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

My Spanish professor says that the most important words to use when speaking or writing the language are transition words because they are sophisticated and make ideas flow smoothly. Transition words are just like transition outfits and pieces; as the seasons change abruptly, it’s important for your style to adapt to the weather in order to have a smooth transition from season to season.

This past weekend, northern New Jersey had serious winds, but the temperature were rather warm so it was difficult to decide whether to bundle up or dress for the warmth. This Fashionista chose the latter and rocked the transition trend. She chose a gray long sleeve sweater dress whose material was for cold weather but style was for warm weather (could that be any more perfect?). This frock is ideal for a weekend lunch date because it can either be worn casually or a little fancy. The neutral color allows opportunity for adding statement accessories too!

My favorite thing about this outfit was this Fashionista’s choice of shoes and socks. These suede booties had a little heel, so they were perfect for walking around town all day. Like the dress, their neutral color allowed the patterned socks to be the main focus of the below the knee area. Instead of choosing one big statement accessory, this Fashionista chose to rock different types of smaller jewelry: a watch, bracelets and two small necklaces. Sometimes more really is more!

One Simple Change: If the weather is too cold, but you don’t want to hide your outfit under a jacket, throwing on a fur vest is a chic alternative that will definitely keep you warm!