WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ever wonder what to wear to church on a Sunday? I always have a problem with dressing either too casual or too dressed up for service on Sundays. I do not like to overdress for an occasion, but I also want to be respectful in a church setting. Well, this week I spotted this Fashionisto wearing an eye-catching ensemble that caught my attention after service. His outfit was cohesive and I thought he picked some great pieces to wear to church.

This Fashionisto wore a blue long sleeve button-down shirt, black straight-leg pants, a light blue Nixon watch and bright-colored socks hidden underneath his chambray Macbeth sneakers. I thought this outfit was appropriate because it was simple, relaxed and put together. He also added the watch as an accessory, which I thought showed that he put in effort to look clean cut and fresh for church.

The black pants did not take away from the blue button-down shirt. The watch added a pop of color to his outfit and the shoes were not too formal to church, but not as casual as sandals. Many of the college students at church wear khakis, short sleeve shirts or surf wear since Pepperdine is in Malibu. I enjoyed how this Fashionisto went out of the cultural beach norm to wear a look that was more formal for a church setting.

One Simple Change: Feel like you have too many pieces of the same color? Try color-blocking with items like a white shirt or brown shoes to get a variation in color for a day of classes.