WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekends are the best times to step out of your comfort shell and experiment with different styles. Whether you are mixing prints or trying out bold colors, spending time getting ready in the morning on a lovely Saturday or Sunday can be an adventure in itself. Since you’re most likely not attending lectures, the weekend can be booked for your favorite hobbies and catching up with friends. Plus, you have the opportunity to dress up a bit more without having the burden of carrying a heavy backpack filled with books and assignments.

This Fashionista definitely embodies the ideal weekend attire. She sports a fabulous pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to shield her eyes from the ever increasing warm temperatures here in San Diego. Her white sleeveless top with intricate beaded embroidery definitely caught my eye as well. She paired this with fitted jeans rolled up just the right amount at the bottom. The key items in this outfit are her matching red cross-body bag and sandals. The purse give a vibrant vibe to the look with its bright red shade and the sandals complement the color in addition to adding elegance with the subtle gold details. She kept it simple by adding minimal accessories and keeping her hair natural and loose.

The weekend should be a time for relaxation and stress-free environments. This look could be worn to a brunch date with your gal friends or even to your local beach. It’s extremely versatile and can be adapted to whatever the weather is where you live.

One Simple Change: Want to wear this look when you head back to school? Replace the purse with your sturdy backpack and layer over a gray knitted cardigan. Add a watch to keep you on schedule when you’re running around classes and work.