WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Every college student is thrilled when the weekend rolls around. After a long week of work, assignments and tests, students all over campus are ready for some relaxation and a chance to let loose. Usually when the weekend hits, people want to search in their closet for comfortable but stylish clothing that they usually do not wear to classes during the week. The weekend is made for looking nice when going out on the town.

This Fashionisto shows off a perfect weekend look. His style is simple, but is seamless and put together perfectly. Since most guys on campus wear sweatpants to class during the week, he decides to pull out his most comfortable light-wash jeans for his weekend festivities. After pairing the jeans with a simple gray T-shirt, he throws on a two-tone jacket to keep warm when the air gets chilly as the night goes on. Even though the jacket looks simple, the different colors and buttons give the outfit a lot of detail. To finish off the look, this Fashionisto slips on some leather loafers that show how refined his style is.

When it comes to the weekend, college students just want to kick back and relax with friends. This Fashionisto puts together the best look for any weekend activity, from doing some afternoon shopping to dinner with friends.

One Simple Change: Want to keep the same stylish look for class during the week, but still want the comfort of sweatpants? Just switch out the jeans for joggers, which are much cooler than baggy sweatpants, and throw on some Converse sneakers rather than the loafers. Other students will stare at you in awe.