WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is most definitely the best part of every week. I know you catch yourself saying things like TGIF—thank god it’s Friday—on your Instagram. The weekends are for catching up on everything that you said you would do during the week, but never even touched. While getting things done on the weekend, don’t forget to dress the part. My go-to weekend wear always includes super comfy and casual choices. This Fashionista basically read my mind when she got dressed this morning, because I loved everything about her choices.

The staple piece to this weekend wear outfit was her matte high-top Jordans. Every girl needs a nice pair of tennis shoes that are simple but make any outfit look sporty-chic. The word on the block is that high fashion sportswear is the new trend, and I couldn’t be happier about it. She also threw on an oversized Yves Saint Laurent shirt which looked extremely comfy. The navy blue cotton coat was added for warmth of course, but gave dimension to the grays and blacks of the outfit.

In the months leading out of winter into spring, you get sick and tired of wearing jeans and leggings, and you are just dying to pull your favorite shorts out of storage. This Fashionista simply paired some thick black tights with casual jeans shorts and made the best of both worlds. It was also refreshing to see the backpack add a splash of crimson red to really spice up the look. Whether you are going to the mall or grabbing lunch with a friend on the weekend, channel your inner sporty chic and grab some comfortable options like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: So we all know that weekends aren’t just for catching up on work. Weekends are also for celebrations. Say for instance, your friend just got offered a full time job for after graduation, and everyone is going out to the bar to celebrate. All you need to do is switch out the shirt and shorts for a cotton A-line dress and pull your hair into a sock bun, and you are ready to go.