WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Although there may be a blizzard wreaking havoc among northern states, the South is just as warm and (mostly) sunny as ever. In the South, we are big lovers of fishing and going to the lake on the weekends. This means what we wear is usually waterproof and casual, yet always stylish. In fact, the men match their attire as well as the women do, if not better in some cases.

This Fashionisto is ready for the spring in a coral colored Columbia PFG shirt. One thing to mention about these shirts is that they are very popular because they are lined with netting and are the perfect fishing shirts. A pair of khaki shorts is any Southern gentleman’s best friend. The Fashionisto pairs his casual weekend fishing ensemble with a pair of Teva flip flops and a matching orange and blue Polo hat.

Fashionistas/os in the South are not only color conscious about matching their ensemble perfectly but they are also very aware of fabric and durable material for occasions such as fishing. This outfit is almost sure to last no matter how wet or dirty you get. If worst comes to worst, bring it to the dry cleaners, or better yet, mom and dad.

One Simple Change: You have a date night dinner with your girlfriend after you and your friends are done fishing? Simply remove the hat and brush out your hair for a less casual but still stylish look. Add a pair of Cole Haan loafers for a classier look.