WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Guys always have a lot to work with when it comes to wanting to look fly for the weekend. This winter alone, we’ve seen many trends arise. This Fashionisto chose to sport a preppy look to warm up in this weather. One way you can start your weekend off right is getting the right outfit that shows you’re ready to go.

The Fashionisto is wearing a look that can be used during the day or night at a casual setting. His look is a mix of cool and comfortable because of the matching of a sleek button-down and a sweater. The gray cable knit sweater with the collared shirt underneath gives him a casual GQ look. The black coat makes his look more sleek and polished. The fitted dark wash jeans add a smooth and effortless finish.

The great thing about this look is that the gray sweater can be paired with any type of collared shirt. The collared shirt can be a dark solid color or can be light with any patterns. Whichever way men choose to go, the collar will always look good because it’s meant to stand out. It serves as the best complement to any type of sweater.

The ALDO gray boots also add to the weekend ready look. The pants are cuffed to fall into the boot, making it look a bit baggy and fitted. You can choose any colored boot to wear because the dark neutrals allows for the boots to go with anything. You can rock cognac, beige or black boots. The navy blue beanie flows with the dark neutral colors of the outfit, making him ready to go out to a bar. This outfit is sure to grab any girl’s attention because not a lot of men can pull off the beanie look in this polished way.

Guys, follow this guide to get this look and start off your weekend right.

One Simple Change: Take off the sweater and wear a sharp blazer if you end up going out to the clubs instead of the bars on campus.