WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

One of the many things that makes weekends so great is the degree of freedom one has in what he or she can wear. Whether it’s a tulle skirt or a pair of neon skinny jeans, there is a higher chance that you’ll wear a statement piece (or two) after the clock strikes 5 p.m. on Friday. Dare I say, sartorial creativity is fostered even more when we don’t have the burden of attending our classes. Because, let’s face it, an early morning chemistry lab isn’t the greatest motivator to dress fashionably. However, dressing for the weekends can make up for a week filled with sweatpants.

This Fashionisto showed off his killer weekend style with a camel-toned leather jacket and slicked back hair. By pairing it with a gray henley and dark wash jeans, he allows the sleek jacket to do all the talking. To ground his look, he opted for a pair of contemporary Sperry Top-Sider trainers. For today’s modern tastes, classic pieces are what stand out. In other words, one doesn’t have to try too hard to look fashionable. For that reason, I felt that his choice of Ray-Ban sunglasses were spot on. His look is classic, edgy and altogether cool. Is there a better way to dress for the weekends? I don’t think so.

One Simple Change: As the day shifts to night, swap your henley for a dressed-up button-down shirt. Also, put on a pair of leather shoes in the same hue as your jacket to nail down that downtown cool look. Then, go forth and conquer the weekend like a true weekend warrior!