WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

If it’s a term that you’re unfamiliar with, a “hypebeast” is considered to be a person who buys clothes solely for the purpose of impressing the people around them. In fashion, this term has a negative connotation. The problem with a hypebeast is that if you’re only purchasing new clothing to have the newest or priciest item, you take away the primary element that makes clothing and style an art form, which is self-expression. While this Indiana University student embodies a few of the characteristics necessary to be considered a hypebeast, I wouldn’t classify him as such.

Even though this student pairs a Hood by Air T-shirt with a pair of Givenchy jeans and some Visvim sneakers, he does so in both a subtle and tasteful way, a concept that most people considered to be hypebeasts cannot understand. So often I will come across a student who has all of the latest Supreme gear or the new Nike Air Jordan releases, but rarely ever do I a see a student who can make it look so subdued. Even with a Nanamica backpack to hold his books, the primary reason that this student caught my eye was that aside from the retail value of his outfit, he made everything work in a balanced and fashion forward way.

At the core, this student’s particular outfit is perfect for any weekend day you don’t have much going on. At some point, I find myself in jeans and sneakers and a hoodie of some variety at least one of the two weekend days. However, remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the look that this student has. Splurge on an item or two and then dig for some good sales or other ways to cut costs in piecing the rest of your outfit together.

One Simple Change: Put a down jacket on over the sweatshirt to make a perfect outfit for the cold weather.