WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

A stressful week of classes, homework and exams calls for one thing: a weekend uptown. There is nothing better than hanging out with friends and celebrating the weekend carefree…until the Sunday scaries kick in. But, at least for now, all you have to worry about is what you’re wearing. Whether you’re running off to brunch at your favorite local restaurant or spending the day sorting through boutiques for great fashion finds, your outfit (and comfort) is key.

This Fashionista’s style encompasses multiple trends I’ve been noticing lately in the fashion world. The easiest part of recreating this outfit yourself is a staple you may already have: the black shift dress. Black dresses never go out of style, and everyone has one in their closet somewhere. This is all it takes as the foundation to incorporate some fashionable prints and accessories. Camouflage is super popular right now, and a camouflage jacket is the perfect way to tie in the print, while also keeping in mind the unpredictable weather as we transition into breezy fall days. Helpful hint: if you get a little hot during the day, tie it around your waist and you’ll cool off while looking great!

A Fashionista who knows how to bring together accessories always stands out to me, and this girl definitely loves to accessorize. She is wearing another one of my favorite trend pieces: adidas Superstar tennis shoes. These shoes are perfect for taking on the town or running from one exciting moment to the next. Athleisure is a great trend to consider when picking out an outfit for the weekend because you can stay comfortable while looking your best. I also love the way this Fashionista’s gold jewelry adds a feminine touch to the otherwise edgy look. She stacked some fun bracelets and made use of layering dainty gold necklaces. A bracelet stack is a great way to incorporate your own unique take on a trend. She picked out a few random bracelets and threw them on together; the combinations are endless!

To take this look from day to night you can throw on a pair of over the knee boots and consider yourself ready for all the photo ops coming your way this weekend.