WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

For many college students, the weekend is a time to relax and take a break from the stresses of a new semester. Recently, I also managed to get away from responsibilities for a day and soaked up some long-awaited sun in chilly San Francisco. Even on sunny days such as this one, it is still crucial to bring an extra layer for those moments the cold wind comes in from the bay.

This Fashionisto showed off a cool, laid-back vibe in his layered, but sun-friendly, ensemble. A basic white T-shirt, while comfortable, can be so “blah” when on its own, however, this Fashionisto threw on an olive green button-down shirt in lieu of the usually necessary jacket and carefully rolled up his sleeves. The light and airy fabric of the shirt ensured that he wouldn’t get too hot, and if it got a little chilly, he could roll down this sleeves in order to stay warm. The patches and snap button detail also add interest to the overall look.

In addition, this Fashionisto made sure to balance out the pure white of his T-shirt with a pair of simple white sneakers perfect for strolling around town. The pair of ultra-faded jeans he pulled on accounts for the ultimate casual look to the outfit while the slim fit keeps it from looking sloppy. With a variety of colors and textures already present, a simple black watch on his left wrist is not overkill, but rather a smart accessory choice. This Fashionisto pulled together a look that’s comfortable and effortless without sacrificing style.