WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

August 18th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summer is ending and school is starting again. Weekends are the days when we are free from work and school. It is the time when we can freely express ourselves and explore new styles! This Fashionisto definitely rocked himself with this weekend streetwear look; thanks to the details that add edginess and make the whole look pop from the gloomy San Francisco weather.

In this outfit, which has an overall color scheme of black, the Fashionisto chose cameo joggers and a black elongated T-shirt with pleather details as the attention grabbers. The cameo print adds variety to the look, avoiding the all-black outfit which may hide the Fashionisto in the crowds. This Zanerobe black T-shirt gives the edginess that the Fashionisto wants with the pleather details on the back and the chest. Pleather, or faux leather, is an animal-friendly substitute which looks and feels like the real deal. Adding the black snapback, this Fashionisto completes the streetwear look with a bit of playfulness.

As weekend streetwear can be worn in multiple occasions and for different activities, this Fashionisto chose a pair of black Nike Roshe sneakers to accommodate the healthy lifestyle that many San Franciscans share. He also wore a black bomber jacket to stay warm in the cold San Francisco summer.  

One Simple Change: Want to get ready for the fall? Instead of snapback, try wearing a knit beanie to add a different texture to the whole outfit. Along with the beanie, wearing a scarf can also help easily shift into the fall look.