WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

WHAT TO WEAR:  Weekend Wear

The weekend is just around the corner, and this Fashionista has picked out an amazing outfit for the fun and eventful activities she has planned. This stylish college student loves visiting galleries on the weekends, and her outfit is spot-on for such an enriching way of living life. Her kate spade bag accentuates this young woman’s sophistication, which mirrors the classiness of many art galleries that she visits. The bag’s color nicely complements the Fashionista’s lovely floral romper.

The romper, much like the bag, is great for a Sunday brunch with your family and friends. The romper’s design and print burst with a mix of creativity, fun and refinement. With her comfortable romper, this Fashionista does not have to worry about sudden, strong winds and instead, she can enjoy catching up with her besties over eggs and waffles.

Sturdy shoes are essential for a weekend filled with perusing paintings and walking from parking spaces to your final destinations. This Fashionista’s wedges are wonderful for long periods of standing and strolling. The gold embellishments on these shoes complement this Fashionista’s bag and beautiful statement necklace. With these comfortable and eye-catching shoes, you can turn the sidewalk into a catwalk.

This Fashionista is in love with her sophisticated pair of sunglasses, a great piece for anyone looking for stylish eye protection while having an outdoor stroll. She has searched everywhere for shades that fit her face shape, and Warby Parker has ended this Fashionista’s mission of finding the right pair of sunglasses. Much like the wedges, its gold tones complement her outfit’s other pieces, and create a coherent ensemble that embodies the refined and beautiful characteristics of this young woman.

One Simple Change: Date night is tonight, and your weekend outfit is wonderful for such an occasion. Throw on a black moto jacket for a bit of edginess, and you are ready for wherever the night takes you, from a dinner under the stars to strolling through downtown with your significant other.