WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As soon as Friday rolls around and the weekend is in sight, we can’t help but smile. It is time to take a break from long work days and that dreaded summer class, and get together with friends! Waking up at 7:00 a.m. is no longer a necessity and you are able to stare at your closet for as long as you need without having to worry about running late wearing two different pairs of shoes. The weekend, with all of its happiness, is a time to experiment with your style! Khaki shorts and company shirts are not on the agenda for this weekend. Whether it is shopping around town with your friends, having a picnic with that special someone, or taking a road trip to your favorite cute little town, the perfect outfit is the icing on top of your fabulous summer weekend!

This Fashionista is bringing a look that would appear on a cool summer day. The black ripped jeans let some air hit those tan thighs (hopefully not increasing the odds of a very interesting tan line), while the white crop top with silver buttons seen down the center gives a simple yet very chic look. A crazy trend right now that can be seen in any climate and any city are the original superstar adidas sneakers. They are sporty but also very fashionable and can add a not so jurassic sporty component to an outfit that may need to be toned down a couple notches. Pairing the sneakers with the black jeans makes the look much more casual, and not to mention the addition of the jean jacket adds a flare of country girl. Many different styles are being executed in this Fashionista’s outfit, and I could not be more impressed! Layering necklaces has also ignited a flame in the fashion world and has taken a messy look to a new level. Starting the weekend right with a killer outfit will hold promise for the best summer of your life!

One Simple Change: Want to make this outfit more edgy for fall? A leather jacket can transition this look from a Vanessa Hudgens bohemian vibe, to an outfit that channels Rihanna.