WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Ladies and gentlemen, summer is now in full swing, so campus is a ghost town. This does not mean that Bloomington has lost its fashion savvy touch! It’s nice to know I can come back to Bloomington and still find that the fashion stays even if a majority of the people leave. Whenever I think of this fashion filled world, it’s easy to focus in on women. I gotta love a Fashionista when I see one, because I can relate, as a girl, to how much effort she had put into her own look. However I’ve got to say, I do love when I spot a Fashionisto, because I can really appreciate when a guy takes the time to have a good sense of style. We cannot forget about the Fashionistos of the fashion world!

The handsome Fashionisto has the fashionable yet masculine look down to a T. The great thing about this outfit, is that the Fashionisto could make this outfit go from a casual day outfit to pulling this off for a weekend out. He could be spending the day with the guys or unwinding during a night out and this look fits either part. Want a generalized tip for perfect weekend wear? Wear an outfit that gives you the feeling equivalent to that sigh of relief when your week is finally over!

This Fashionisto shows off his basic staple items, but adds minor adjustments to make the look his own. He starts with a basic gray sleeveless pullover. Balance is key and this Fashionisto was very mindful in his contrast of shades. He also keeps in mind that his top has black detail, so he ties in his accessories to balance the different shades. The black Yankees baseball cap ties in with the black detail. The clean white Vans pop against the black socks and the light wash denim. The blue aviators give the pop of color that the outfit needed. It seems as though the Fashionisto knows how to display a cohesive look altogether.

Accessorizing was important in this outfit, because the outfit can look “put together” with or without the shades or baseball cap. His hairstyle even gives the outfit a different look as if was it’s own accessory itself. The Fashionisto knows that his entire outfit is the point of reference, which is what sets this look apart from others. The entire flow of the outfit keeps it interesting. My personal favorite part of the outfit is the horizontal pleats on the jeans. I had never seen anyone rock a pair of denim with this detail, so this was what initially caught my eye.

One Simple Change: This sleeveless hoodie is great for summer right? Well, find a hoodie WITH sleeves and you have the perfect look for fall! Change one thing and you’ve got a new outfit for a different season.