WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 20th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

All fashion lovers who are currently raving about the beloved bodysuit will be sure to enjoy this ensemble. The bodysuit paired in this look features an off-the-shoulder cut with ruffle detailing to finish it off. This look also includes a classic pair of light green, ripped denim shorts—which are always a staple in any closet. When it comes to accessories with this look, less is more. Pairing a simple gold ring with the light color palette in this ensemble keeps things simple, yet still fashion forward.

This outfit makes the perfect weekend wear for multiple different reasons. Let’s start with the most important one, shall we? Comfortability. Everyone can relate to wanting to be comfortable, yet look as if they just walked down the runway—am I right, ladies? Since the weekend is filled with festivities, this bodysuit provides ultimate comfort and cuteness. Consider this problem solved. The weekend also requires an outfit that is not too casual or too dressy—this is where the ripped denim shorts come in. The ripped denim keeps it casual, but the light olive color keeps it more put together than a normal blue jean denim. Lastly, this tight simple ring helps play it safe in case of any impromptu weekend adventures. Carnivals, shopping, bowling, swimming: this ring won’t budge.

One Simple Change: Planning on heading to a summer concert during the week? Easy enough! Simply swap the denim shorts for some dark skinny jeans and stay warm during late night concert temperatures and most importantly— save those legs from mosquito bites.