WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

July 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Dressed in a baby pink T-shirt, this Fashionisto rocks a casual outfit that’s perfect for meeting up with friends over the weekend. Who said you could only wear pink on Wednesdays?

By incorporating multiple trends into his comfortable look, this Fashionisto is rewriting sensible style’s reputation. His kicks are adidas, a brand which made its mark in the 1980’s and into the ’90s. Over the past year, the company’s presence has exploded, in part due to fashionable forces, like Gigi Hadid sporting their sneakers. His shoes are not only trendy but also perfect for walking long distances in the city.

His striped socks also allude to a retro trend, as tube socks too boomed in the 1980’s, alongside the rise of aerobics. The fact that the Fashionisto’s socks are shorter than their source perfectly reinvents the look for today. Plus, the socks’ acid green stripes add some punch to his otherwise muted-in-tone outfit.

The Fashionisto’s shirt’s color is also right on trend. For the Spring 2016 season, designers such as Stella McCartney and Emporio Armani sent models down their runways wearing similar blush hues. Also, his shirt is breathable and its light hue makes it the perfect T-shirt to wear in the heat. In the words of Gretchen Weiners herself, “this Fashionisto looks so fetch!”

One Simple Change: As the weather cools down into the evening, transition the look into the night by adding an oversized denim jacket to it. Plus, it’ll be in keeping with the outfit, as it will bring in another ’80s trend! Viva la Eighties!