WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

If there is one thing that every person living in the south knows, it is that the summer heat is no joke. Most days are in the 90 degree range, but, on average, it feels about 10 degrees hotter. It’s honestly not the best time for us curly-haired people to even attempt to straighten our hair. And wearing a full face of makeup? That isn’t even in the question, unless your setting spray is God sent. Otherwise, you may look like a raccoon by the end of the day. Luckily, for all you guys out there, this typically isn’t an issue. With almost every guy I’ve conversed with on the topic of fashion, they basically all opt for comfortability. If they aren’t comfortable in it, I guarantee it’ll collect dust in the back of their closet somewhere.

With the gentlemen I’ve featured this month, his style is very laid-back. On this particular day he chose to wear a loose tank top and a pair of shorts, in which he purchased from PacSun. Tanks are the best way to prevent those awful pit stains that are inevitable in this kind of weather. This simple fact didn’t really drive this guy’s outfit choice, rather, in his own words, “I just wanted to be comfortable.” This is honestly what makes this look so perfect for the weekend. It’s chill yet stylish, which is what the weekend is all about—especially for those who work jobs that have a dress code that is the complete opposite. His kicks and gold accessories is what really grabbed my attention. The colors in the pair of Asics he was wearing went perfectly with the colors of his shorts and tank, and his gold watch and chain was just enough bling to dress him up a little bit. It was really effortless, and I’m jealous it isn’t that easy for me.

One Simple Change: One of the most popular vacation destinations, no matter where it is, is the beach. To make this outfit better suited for a vacation to the beach, change into a pair of slides or flip flops to make walking through the sand less of a pain. No one wants to spend their time getting annoying little grains of sand out of their sneakers.