WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The morning I searched for a Fashionista to feature in my article, it had just finished raining. Walking through the farmer’s market, it appeared that everyone was pulling out a spring outfit one last time in an effort to fend off the rain (basically long pants and lots of layers). Even though there were some wonderful styles at the market that day, nothing extraordinary was jumping out at me, that is, until I met this Fashionista wearing a perfect weekend outfit.

This Fashionista’s style is the epitome of a relaxed but eye-catching look. She encompasses a mixture of upcoming and returning style choices. First, it appears she has mastered the comfortable but fashionable look that we are all dying for. She does this by pairing a pair of staple black tennis shoes, like Vans with a graphic T-shirt and patterned shorts. Although a good portion of her outfit relies on items you might already have in your closet, she is sporting a relatively new trend, a bandana (thanks Coachella!). This style will be everywhere; you cannot escape this trend, so you might as well give in now and at least try it. And finally, although this is a beauty trend, I would also recommend trying something new with your hair. Whether it be trying out one (or two!) new colors or getting a new haircut, summer is all about trying and embracing a new look.

One Simple Change: What is awesome about this look is that it can easily go from an outfit fit for the weekend to an outfit that is perfect for rocking out at a concert. By simply changing a lighter jacket, like the olive jacket this lovely Fashionista has tied around her waist, to a leather jacket, you have the perfect piece to keep you warm when it cools off at night and an item to sit on in the grass.