WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With school ending and summer finally beginning, weekends are now filled with catching up with friends and running errands. When planning an outfit for a full day, you want to pick pieces that are comfortable and allow you to take full advantage of your day!

This time of year is by far the hardest to dress for, with chilly temperatures in the morning and full on summer heat by mid afternoon. Layers are essential, making it easier to warm up while beginning your busy day or cool off during lunch outside. This Fashionista is dressed perfectly for a full day of shopping. Her green cargo jacket with roll-up sleeves is super stylish and can easily be taken off to try on new outfits. The lace-up navy blue top is perfectly paired with her boyfriend jeans. This Fashionista chose the boyfriend jean for her weekend, because they give a polished appearance but are still just as comfortable as your favorite pair of sweatpants.

When I asked this Fashionista about her choice for simple accessories, she told me that she always wears her stack of bracelets and her blue necklace. Not only do her accessories add a little shine to her look, they won’t hold her back from her shopping and picking out new outfits.

I especially love this Fashionista’s choice of strappy sandals. Her sandals work perfectly with her green cargo and navy shirt, but they could also work with a variety of different outfits including a summer dress for a night out or a trip to the pool.

One Simple Change: Not only do a pair of boyfriend jeans work for a day full of shopping, but they are also super wearable for a girl’s night out. Switch out the sandals for a pair of black booties and you’re ready to take on the town!