WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekend is the perfect time to shop, go out for food or run errands. I ran into this Fashionista when I was out shopping and she was on her way to do the same. She explained that she liked wearing simple clothes like T-shirts because they were easier to remove in the dressing room!

Instead of keeping her outfit entirely plain, this Fashionista built an outfit around her simple yellow T-shirt with high-waisted jeans, a belt and cute wedges to match. This outfit was the perfect combination to wear while shopping because it was comfy, cute, simple and easy to change in and out of. When I asked her about accessories, she said it was too much of a hassle to wear anything that would tangle with the clothing while she tried outfits on so instead she chose to use her wedges and belt to dress up her outfit from plain to fashionable.

In following this Fashionista’s advice for the next time you get dressed for a full day of shopping, try pairing a simple colored T-shirt or a cute graphic shirt with your favorite pair of jeans. Rather than using long layered jewelry to dress up the look, use your favorite comfortable shoes, belts or simple chokers (since they’re less likely to get tangled in something). This Fashionista gave the perfect reasons for her simple but cute look and was able to shop in comfort and style.

One Simple Change: Want to take your weekend look to a night out? Switch out your simple clothes for more dark ones. Instead of wearing a light T-shirt, change into something navy, black or something with a bit of sparkle. Also use a different silhouette: change your T-shirt silhouette into a crop top, open-shoulder top or bodysuit. Then throw on some jewelry and you’re ready to head out!