WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

May 19th, 2016 at 12:43pm

In college, weekends can be the saving grace of a busy student’s sanity. If you are lucky enough to get the occasional homework-free, casual weekend, it is a great time to flex your sartorial creativity and have enough time to invest more than five minutes into your outfit. The seasonal transition to spring also necessitates warm weather essentials, namely shorts, breezy button-ups and relaxed slip-on shoes. One of my favorite trends is the classic take on tropical and floral prints. Prints introduce the concept of color into any look and instantly adds an element of eccentricity.

When I discovered this Fashionisto near one of my classes, I was immediately inspired by his subtle incorporation of tropical prints into his look, which is perfect for an easy weekend day. He chose a sophisticated sampling of pieces by adding a printed button-up with a pair of pastel-colored shorts. The light, monochrome color of the shorts created a great foundation for the purple and orange hues mingling on the print of his shirt. The contrast of the various tones was a nod to the Fashionisto’s careful acknowledgement of complements on the color spectrum. Also, the cuff of the sleeves added a chic, yet laid back detail to the ultimate weekend wear look. The tortoise shell spectacles give the look an overall quirky vibe.The look is completed with a pair of distressed boat shoes.

Taking a cue from this Fashionisto, the key to the ultimate weekend wear look is relaxed creativity. Weekend outfits do not have to be taken too seriously, but do keep in mind that you don’t have the pressure of being late to class to prevent you from putting a little extra effort into your stylistic choices.

One Simple Change: Going out for a night on the town after hitting up your daytime weekend event? Swap the shorts for a pair of deconstructed black skinny jeans and keep the printed button-up for a splash of color. The casual nonchalance vibe of your street style look will be sure to turn heads wherever you are.