WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

May 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

When the weekend rolls around the goal is to let loose, let go of all the stress of the previous week and prepare yourself for the week to come. So whether you prefer to spend your Saturday and Sunday morning alarm free to catch up on sleep or you tend to be that early bird out and about getting the worm, picking what to wear for your weekend plans should not be a lengthy and/or worrisome process. Project Runway’s Tim Gunn has talked about the idea of having a uniform, a simple go-to style of dressing that could be considered one’s signature look; his being a black suit and tie. However, when it comes to weekends, I say keep it classic and casual. What gets more classic than a white T-shirt and Levi Brand Jeans?

This Fashionisto’s uniform clearly resembles the iconically cool style of James Dean! Here’s how he gave a modern take on a classic style. Breaking away from the basic blue jeans, this Fashionisto is rocking a pair of olive green Levi Brand Jeans. Keeping it casual in a Calvin Klein V-neck white T-shirt, it is his leather shoes that add just enough stylish sophistication to make this look work no matter where the weekend takes him. Throwing in Ray-Ban sunglasses to finish up this look, this Fashionisto is ready to go.

One Simple Change: With long days and cool summer nights ahead of us, add an oversized denim jacket to this look to keep warm.