WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Spring has officially sprung and summer is just around the corner but there has been some temperamental weather in sunny California lately. With the temperature in the low 60’s in the mornings rising up to the 70’s during the day and dropping back down at night, it may be hard to plan your outfits. Not only is this weather a lot to keep in mind sometimes, being on the quarter system means we’ve still got a way to go before our much-deserved summer break. Everyone is a bit worn down by now, so dressing for comfort, especially on the weekend is the way to go. Just because we want to be able to throw on a quick outfit while being comfortable doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice fashion to do so!

This Fashionista has mastered dressing for the weather and comfort for a relaxing Saturday. First, by pulling on a dress she has saved herself some brainpower from trying to find a matching shirt or squeezing into those new shorts. The tribal print dress adds texture to give the outfit an instant pop while still keeping it simple. Next, she picked out a black diagonal zip biker jacket that not only matches the black and white theme of her dress but also adds an edgier touch to her outfit. Light jackets are the perfect addition to your transitional season repertoire. Since spring has brought chillier nights, a statement piece that can make your style stand out while keeping your warm is a must. With a dress and a jacket this Fashionista is 90 percent done with her outfit, letting her get dressed in the morning without too much planning.

Adding to the comfort factor, this Fashionista chose a pair of boots as her shoe option. The flat soles of these shoes make walking around super easy. So whether you are going to town for a grocery run or just taking a stroll to catch up with some friends, these boots will take good care of you. To finish off her look, this Fashionista applied a simple combination of liner, shadow and lipstick which quickly accentuated her eyes and lips. The red lipstick contrasts nicely against her monochromic ensemble to add some color. Remember, makeup and jewelry are great ways to add some variety to your outfit!

One Simple Change: Transform this comfy day wear to a sexy date night wear by amping up your makeup and swapping the boots for a pair of heels. These wedges are perfect for leveling up the outfit and making your legs look longer while keeping the comfort level at an all time high.