WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

April 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

What are people talking about lately at your school? Tailgates, day parties, finals week, summer vacation…no matter what it is, when the semester ends everyone’s excited about something. College students are always looking for something fun to do when there’s warm weather. During this time of year, people love every moment they can spend outside when the sun starts coming out. Therefore, lots of kids are switching out their coats and searching for rad outfits to wear on the weekend. It’s fun to see everyone’s personal style!

From head to toe , the Fashionista’s choker, shades and sneakers clearly reveals her bada** side. This chick’s fresh face and pulled back hair puts all the focus on her sleek style. The weekend feel comes from her oversized jean jacket that perfectly transitions a large coat to a warm weather jacket. While the cool girl feel comes from unisex Stefan Janoski kicks. The black jeans and shoes together really tie her choker into her outfit, which is an neutralized colored look from top to bottom! The staple everyone needs in their closet is a simple gray sweater, for this exact reason. The whole edgy grunge look is so appealing because you are showing your beauty without trying. This Fashionista is showing SUNY Plattsburgh exactly how to kickback spring, in style.

One Simple Change: Love this look so much you want to wear it out on the town? Switch in the jean jacket for a black leather one to make this outfit go day to night.