WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Sundays are a time to get ready for the week and to enjoy what little of the weekend is left. When spotting this Fashionisto, I instantly fell in love with his grungy, laid back weekend wear.

After seeing his look more closely, I noticed how he subtly mixed his prints, a tie-dyed shirt, a plaid flannel and checkered Vans. First, I asked him about his shirt. He told me he bought it from a thrift shop and that he wanted to make it his own. He told me that he used bleach to tie-dye the black shirt. Then he decided that he wanted to add tears to make the shirt look more worn and rugged.

He threw on a cozy, unbuttoned flannel shirt over his tee. I loved how he could easily take the flannel off and tie it around his waist as it got warmer throughout the day. Flannels are great for layering as well as being used as an accessory.

Vans are a great shoe because they are super comfy and are perfect for wandering around campus. His shoes are cool because they have a black and white checkered pattern on them. They are slip-ons, so they are easy to put on and look great with virtually any outfit. I liked the black and white checkered pattern because the colors go with anything and can be worn with almost everything.

One Simple Change: Getting too hot in jeans but don’t want to ditch your whole outfit? Throw on a pair of solid cut-off shorts and wrap your flannel around your waist. That way you still get that ’90s vibe but aren’t dying from the warmth of it.