WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

March 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

Once the weekend comes, nothing feels better than throwing on sweatpants and lounging around. However, being in college means this relaxation can’t last forever, there are papers to write, friends to hang out with and events to attend. Although wearing pajama bottoms around campus may be tempting, there are tons of stylish ways to remain cozy while cramming for midterms. Choosing between another episode on Netflix or actually getting out of your dorm room can be difficult, luckily there is no need to sacrifice comfort for a fashionable weekend outfit.

This Fashionisto shows us that what you wear can make the weekend that much more exciting. By choosing pieces that are simple but still complement each other, he is able to pull together an outfit that is comfortable yet stylish. His red plaid flannel and cargo joggers provide muted color. Buttoning only the top button reveals a crisp white T-shirt underneath, altering the way we typically see flannels, and creates new visual interest. His structured black jacket and gray sneakers balance the color and bring the outfit together. This Fashionisto proves that menswear doesn’t need to be extremely out there to be considered fashionable; it is all in how you style what you already have.

Weekends in college are just as busy as weekdays. From brunch to studying to going out at night, having a cool and comfortable outfit is a must to make the most of your weekend.

One Simple Change: Have a hot date tonight? Swap out the sneakers for loafers and cargo pants for slacks to upgrade this outfit from casual weekend wear to date night material.