WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I am a strong believer that what you choose to wear on the weekends represents who you truly are as a person and as a Fashionista/o. The endless amounts of things to do in the city of Chicago brings an infinite amount of outfit choices, which can be inspiring to some and disheartening to others. It all depends on your mood and how you choose to express yourself outside of the classroom.

This Fashionista did a great job keeping her look simple and chic, but warm enough for her to survive walking around the city in nearly single digit temperatures and a flurry of snow! If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I am a firm believer in neutral colors, which she managed to pull of flawlessly.

Her utility jacket brings the outfit warmth and edgy style that works as a base for the rest of the monochromatic look. Utility jackets are one of my favorite pieces to wear because they are so versatile and can be worn virtually any season of the year. A heavy sweater in a neutral color is a must for any city girl and it works perfectly with this outfit. The perfect way to accessorize a neutral outfit? Standout jewelry! I am obsessed with this gold Michael Kors watch.

The look is pulled together by a charcoal gray scarf and matching boots: two pieces that are a must during the tundra otherwise known as Chicago winters.

One Simple Change: Once the weather permits, you can swap out the boots for a cute pair of slip-on shoes or Nikes to walk comfortably to class or to the gym for a workout.